HSC: Grace nominated for ARTEXPRESS

Grace Esposito

Art life: Clancy graduate Grace Esposito at home. The image mirrors the portraits that gained her an ARTEXPRESS nomination. Photo: Kitty Beale

Grace Esposito’s series of candid photographs of Austral residents in their backyards were nominated for ARTEXPRESS.

The Clancy Catholic College West Hoxton Year 12 graduate’s five images titled Austral 2179 were shot in colour with flash, inspired by photographer Richard Avedon’s 1985 photographic series The American West.

“He photographed people living in isolated and rural areas, and looked at who they were and how their culture or where they lived was going to shape them,” she said.

“Though I drew my inspiration from his series, I looked at Austral, the culture there, the land and how they live. I photographed different families within their backyards. We just knocked on people’s doors and I asked permission to photograph them.”

Grace took eight series of photographs and narrowed the final submission down to five.

She was sent an email on November on 4 to say she had been nominated for ARTEXPRESS, a series of exhibitions which showcase the best of students’ HSC Visual Art works each year.

“It was a really good year,” Grace said. “The art teacher at our school was really great. Every week I went out and did another shoot, which was very full on but completely worth it.

“My dad’s a photographer, so I’ve been exposed to photography from a young age. I have a really creative mind and struggle applying that through painting or drawing so photography is a really good medium that I can use to express myself and my thoughts.”


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