Twelve Notables at St Francis Xavier’s

It was a night of nights at St Francis Xavier’s Catholic Primary Arncliffe when a host of students put on their inaugural Night of the Notables.

Twelve gifted and talented students from across Years 2–6 brought to life with excitement famous characters in a 60-minute special Night of Notables presentation.

Event Co-ordinator Mrs Drazena Ivancic-Prsa said it was a term long project catered towards providing specific educational opportunities for gifted students to develop their needs and abilities through their chosen interests.

The students were asked to do an in-depth study and biography of a notable and then become that person in a special presentation night.

“Their enthusiasm was second to none,” said Mrs Ivancic-Prsa. “The students’ showed dedication and creativity in their choices and costumes and put in long hours of research.”

Some students went for famous Australians such as the late crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, Olympic Champion Cathy Freeman and Australia’s foremost polar explorer, Douglas Mawson.

Overseas notables included renowned physicist Albert Einstein, South African President and Liberator Nelson Mandela, English novelist and poet Emily Bronte and the ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra.

Throughout the night, about 40 parents, grandparents and friends of the school community also got involved asking students questions about their notable person and taking part in character conversations with them.

“There were many outstanding costumes and presentations,” said Moya Smith, a grandparent from the school. “I’m impressed with the research these students were able to produce by themselves.”

“I think it’s brilliant,” added Mrs Katrina Small, proud mum of Jasmin who dressed-up as Nelson Mandela ­because of her interest in human rights.

“To see them really hold their own, grow in confidence, creativity and learn persistence throughout this project, makes you proud.”

School principal Mr Bryson said that studies of eminent people – historical, political or otherwise – is highly regarded.

“Identification with eminence and achievement is excellent modelling for life,” he said.

“Through a long and deep study of any famous person, the student comes to realise both the gifts and the challenges that person encountered in realising those gifts, and in moving from potential to success.”

St Francis Xavier’s students’ 2015 chosen notables were:

  • Marie Curie – Majella Branson
  • Albert Einstein – Dylan Veljanovski
  • Douglas Mawson – Catherine Smith
  • Cleopatra – Gabriella Zarglis
  • Emily Bronte – Jayda Sciberras
  • Walt Disney – Sandra Festa
  • Steve Irwin – Xavier Scofield
  • Princess Diana – Janette Le
  • Anne Frank – Stephanie Boskovski
  • Cathy Freeman – Grace Smith
  • Roald Dahl – Rhys Nguyen
  • Nelson Mandela – Jasmin Small


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