Zara writes for the love of it

Year 5 student Zara Greenwood plans her poems as she falls asleep, then writes them in the shade of a tree.

Zara is a prolific writer having already filled seven journals with her poetry and prose. She started the first journal in Year 1.

Her passion for writing inspired her to write a poem about Mary Mackillop to celebrate St Mary of the Cross’ feast day on 8 August.

“We thought it was very clever and detailed Mary’s life beautifully,” said her teacher at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Primary School Randwick, Gemma Death.

“I love to write stories, and I’ve got one going right now and it’s nearly finished and it’s called Made of Magic,” she said._CE15975

“I entered one competition with a poem about my favourite necklace – I lost that necklace unfortunately,”

Her favourite place to write was in a massive jacaranda tree in her backyard, but it’s been cut down for renovations, so now she sits and writes in the shade of a tree at an oval while her brothers are playing soccer.

Zara dreams of being an author, a doctor or a vet.

Here’s Zara’s Mary Mackillop poem


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