St Michael’s students get to know their ‘Mother Church’

IMG_9041 e

St Michael’s Choir

Students, their teachers and parents from St Michael’s Catholic Primary School Lane Cove have been told they have two churches.

A whole school Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral also taught 560 students about the vital importance of their cathedral in their lives and in their Church.

“You have two churches – your parish church and the cathedral,” said Lane Cove Parish Priest Father Geoffrey Plant told the 560 students who celebrated the Mass on the Feast Day of St Charles Borromeo.

IMG_9153 eAfter Mass, Monsignor Tony Doherty Rose Bay Parish Priest spoke to the congregation about the history of the Cathedral. Monsignor Doherty is a former Dean of the cathedral.

“St Mary’s Cathedral was once the Opera House of Sydney because it used to have great concerts,” he said.

Monsignor Doherty said the cathedral, which was begun in 1821, was only completed in 2000 with the final addition of the two spires.

IMG_9407 e

Celebrant Father Geoffrey Plant

The talk concluded with a whole school photo on the steps of the cathedral.

IMG_9159 e

Principal Mr Steve Conlon

Altar servers: Ana Mauleon, Natasha Hill, Amy Sneddon, Year 6

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