Teachers celebrated at OLA

Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Primary North Strathfield celebrated World Teachers’ Day with a special gift for each teacher, made by their students.

Each class created a book of drawings, letters and poems written on a piece of paper in their teacher’s favourite colour.


The books were presented by Strathfield MP Jodi McKay on Friday. The students in Kindergarten to Year 2 showed their excitement at their teachers Laura Pemberton, Fiona Doolan, and Anne-Marie Nulty finally knowing about the surprise they had worked on in the weeks before at the event. The books were bound by parents who also prepared morning tea for the day.

“We all wanted to acknowledge the great things that the teachers have done for our kids this year, particularly being a school that is just starting up,” said Jacinta Moses, whose son Dominic is in Kindergarten. “They’ve done a lot of work to get things off the ground and the environment that they’ve created is absolutely beautiful.

“Dominic absolutely loves Miss Fiona, and he loves coming to school. He gets upset if he has to miss it for anything.

“For me a good teacher is someone who makes the kids feel comfortable to be here, challenges them when they need to be challenged, and nurtures them along with that.”

Fellow parent Tania, whose sons Rory and Riley are in Kindergarten and Year 1, said both loved their teachers.

“Riley just loves Laura, and I love the fact that she inspires him to read,” she said. “We’ve been going to a lot of bookshops lately and Riley will say: ‘Miss Laura would love to read that book to us’, or ‘Miss Laura loves this book’. She’s very inspirational, dedicated and enthusiastic.”

Rory’s teacher Miss Fiona was also well-liked.

“He thinks that she is funny,” Tania said. “He loves to create jokes and she laughs at all his jokes. She’s very passionate and creative. She’s also very inspiring.”

The official date for World Teachers Day was October 5. The school chose to celebrate it later in Term 4 to give students time to prepare their gift after the school holidays.

Our Lady of the Assumption is the Archdiocese of Sydney’s newest Catholic systemic primary school. It opened in January with 68 students in Kindergarten and Year 1/2.

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