‘Little school on the hill’ turns 100

When St Andrews Catholic Primary School Malabar turned 100 it decided to celebrate and showcase every single aspect of its community history and heritage.

Known affectionately as_CE10439 “the little school on the hill” the area was once considered a weekend resort because it was beyond the tramline to Sydney.

Opened in 1915 by the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, they paid £35 a year rent and began with 36 students. The school now enrols 370.

One hundred years later and the school has celebrated its centenary with a series of concerts staged by all Years 3-6 students – a total of 200 performers.

It was a time-consuming preparation, starting this year, they spent every Tuesday rehearsing their numbers choreographed by Mrs Ann Middleton, a teacher from St Bernard’s Catholic Primary School Botany and supported by their own Music Teacher Ms Tiffany Kennedy.

_CE10731Students performed a range of tributes to both orders of sisters – the OLSH Sisters who founded the school and the Sisters of Mercy who took over the school in 1931.

The Mercy Sisters left the school in 1975 and that made way for the first lay principal.

Students also honoured ANZAC, World War II (to which the school contributed soldiers), Post War Immigration, its indigenous heritage and the evolutions in learning all the way up to learning with laptops.

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