Gratitude hunt turns treasured experience

Gratitude treasure huntA city treasure hunt became another thing for the families of St Patrick’s Catholic Primary Sutherland to be thankful for.

A group of 18 preschool aged siblings of students at the school and their parents ventured out to Darling Harbour for the activity, themed to compliment the school’s ‘Springing into Gratitude’ project.

The children are part of the school’s Tender Tales crew, a story and craft activity group for younger siblings of students that along with a special focus on gratitude and its benefits is part of the Family Educator project. The project aims to strengthen ties between families and their local school and parish.

Parents became the point of reference to collect treasure, clues and a letter, while others guided the students between each point.  The letters spelled the word gratitude and were matched with items including smiley face stickers, Lego, pencils, multi-coloured beads and chocolate frogs.

“We had parents ‘hiding’ behind newspapers, trees and under big hats,” said St Patricks’ family educator Mouna Roche.

“It was so much fun. For most excursion participants ‘big school’ is their reality next year with almost all being the last in their family to reach this milestone. This made it a special day for the parents too.”

  • Read more about the Gratitude Project at St Patrick’s Catholic Primary and other schools in the Term 4 edition of About Catholic Schools, out December.


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