Comfortably new: helping migrant parents belong at their school

According to Steffi Dourado, making migrant parents feel comfortable in their children’s new school starts with them getting to know each other.

Steffi is Community Hub Leader, at St Brendan’s Catholic Primary School, Bankstown where 50 per cent of students are of Vietnamese background.


Parents at the Vietnamese Triple P workshop.

Apart from holding regular cooking classes and playgroup, her hub also runs the Triple P (Positive Parenting Program), a six-week course held at the school in English in Term 2 and Vietnamese in Term 3. It is also held at another nearby venue in Arabic.

These programs are run around the world and are based on giving parents strategies for coping as parents and establishing effective and positive relationships with their children, especially as they grow older.

Steffi said it’s targeted at parents with children aged three to twelve and its aim is to support parents and maintain relationships in the family.

It’s organised by the Creating Links program – a Bankstown-based initiative and childcare is provided for parents attending the workshops.

Topics deal with disciplining children as they grow older, parents working as teams in disciplining children and setting limits.

“It also covers caring for yourself as a parent, how to get support, have a positive mindset and understand areas where you may need support,” said Steffi.

The course advises on good nutrition and the impact of food on behaviour.

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