WriteOn 2015: The Magic Rugby Ball

Katie aThe Magic Rugby Ball by Katie Smith

As Mike and Charlie were kicking around their blue rugby ball after the Rugby game, they saw the bulky form of the class bully, Jake McKenzie, coming towards them. As he drew closer, they realised that he was holding a stick and was hitting it against the front of his hand in a menacing way.

‘Uh oh!’ said Mike as he and Charlie began to retreat backwards.  Just as they thought they would both be taking a trip to the hospital, Mike tightened his grip on the rugby ball. Strangely, the ball began to vibrate in his hands.  Mike dropped the ball in surprise. As it hit the ground, it began to get bigger and bigger.

Mike, Charlie and even Jake were astonished at what was happening.Before their eyes, the ball had grown about 10 times its size and now had a large basket underneath it. It was still vibrating as if to be friendly and invite them in.

After a few moments of stunned silence, Charlie said “What is that thing ?”Mike said ” Well from what I have learnt from Mr Brown’s history class,  I think it is called a Blimp!”

“Oh, I know what a Blimp is now. You fly in it ” said Charlie.

“Shut up numbskulls!” said Jake, who was back on his mission to terrify them and now coming towards them again, still hitting the stick on his hand but a bit more fiercely.

“Jake is going to get us” whispered Charlie.

“Yeah, I see that and we need something to get away, and fast !” replied Mike.

They began to look around for a bus, a bike, anything to get away.

“Hey Mike, look what is in front of us.

“A Blimp that can fly” said Charlie

“Great job, Charlie” Mike said “Let’s go !”

They leapt into the basket of the Blimp and just in time. Jake yelled after them.

“You can run.. but you can’t hide nerds!  Hey ! Where do you think you’re going?”

“I’d like to go to London. That’s where my Gran lives.” cried Mike

Just as he said “London”, the Blimp soared into the sky at super speed and in what seemed like only a few minutes, they were flying high over the River Thames as it snaked through the unmistakable city of London.  They could see things they had only seen in books…Big Ben, the London Eye, The Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral and of course the famous Tower Bridge.

The boys couldn’t believe their eyes.  Their minds were spinning with possibilities.

Charlie spoke first , “The Rugby Ball is a Magic Blimp!”.

The two mates smiled broadly as they thought of what this meant, the adventures that they could have, the places they could go.

Where would the Magic Blimp take them next?

The End



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