WriteOn 2015: The Adventure of 3

IMAG0263aThe Adventure of 3 by Alexander Patterson

“Look!” shouted Joe, pointing to the sky. “There’s a really big air balloon and I think it is going to land near us.”

“The friends were so excited to see the balloon but it just passed by them. The children were having a day out at the beach, without their parents. As the were getting hungry they decided to look for sticks and start a fire.

“I found some,” shouted Amy a few minutes later. Soon the children had a huge fire spit going. “We must get some fish, we must!” The children were getting hungry, so they sprinted to their fishing equipment  and went fishing.

Over the next couple of hours the children caught some fish. They went swimming and were mucking around when when they got caught in a rip and were terrified as they were pulled out to sea. “I’m scared,” pronounced Amy.

“Don’t worry,” said a scaly voice as it was floating by, “But you do look quite yummy!”

“I’m even more scared now,” quivered Amy. Sensibly the children did not fight against the rip and began to swim with it and tumbled onto the sand, away from that hungry shark.

“Hello,” said a voice “You all look as though you are a long way from home.” The rip had taken them so far down the beach that the children really were lost. “Let’s get you back home,” said the lifeguard. “We have no money,” but Jack did and he pulled out a rather wet wallet from his board shorts. The other three children hugged him in delight. They were getting cold and hungry and needed to get home.

“All aboard!” said the lifeguard and the children climbed onto his buggy. When they reached familiar territory they fried their fish, filled their stomachs and ate greedily. They parents collected them and as they farewelled each other the children winked at each other and decided to keep their adventures to themselves.

Amy looked up to the sky and thee was that hot air balloon again. Was it following them?

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