WriteOn 2015: I Am Thinking of You

_CE17809I Am Thinking of You by Lilian Geddes-Korb

Dear Bess,

I am missing you, my dearest sister. Every place I go, whether it be the sea or the city, I am thinking of you. Everywhere I stop I find something for you and Mum and the new baby. I am deeply sorry to be missing the birth. It is not everyday that you become an aunt. You will be an amazing mother, I know it Bess. I will greet the little lamb with all the memories of Sydney that I have collected.

Last week I arrived in Tamarama, it is a lovely coastal suburb, teeming with life. There are many squinting sunburnt faces around me nearing such rich stories. I am staying at a beachside boarding house. I share my room with a girl called Celia, she is the same age as me. The air here would cure Mum as soon as she took a breath of it, and the fabulous sea is a vibrant change from the farm. The weather at home really is dull compared to Sydney, but do not tell Mum, she likes to think that that old property on Rosella Avenue is paradise, but I guess it is for her.

On Tuesday I visited Wonderland City, a fun park by the beach. It has a long miniature railway going all the way around the cliffs of Tamarama and an elephant named Alice. She performs sweet little tricks for her chubby old keeper, Martin. The most spectacular attraction of all is an airship, the only ‘real’ one in Sydney I suspect. It is suspended in the Sky by one single fat cable, but I should think that it is awfully light as it is completely hollow, like cousin Bernie. It takes two passengers at a time. Although I was not game enough to ride in it, it immediately reminded me of you, so I attached a photograph of it. The mechanics that keep it safely in mid air are simply amazing, and I studied them with great bliss. You know how fascinated I am with all of that, so when a young man called James Henry saw me assessing the ropes and pulleys he introduced himself as the apprentice mechanic. We talked for awhile, and because we are both talkative, awhile turned into  half an hour and then a walk along the beach and then an outrageous fit of laughter.

Bess, I hate to say, I am absolutely smitten! But you are not to hint anything to Mum, it will pass. I will explain the photo: the two men in the basket are operators of the ride, below on the left are passersby, the young man on the right is James the mechanic. I have said quite enough, or maybe even too much, but I will keep sending photos and will be happy to see you, Mum and the baby.


Your loving younger sister,


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