Workshops for next year’s Kindy parents

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Belmore knows that sending our children to “big” school for the first time can be hard – especially for parents.

The school also know it’s also the time when another group joins their school community and new parents can often find a lot of support from each other._CE16317

So, to prepare parents (and their children) better, St Joseph’s offers new families a ‘Transition to Kindergarten program’.

Five workshops offered to parents include Religious Education, Literacy, Sports, day-to-day school routine and SLNP (the State Literacy and Numeracy Project)._CE16327

School Principal, Mrs Elizabeth Russo, said this year’s workshops were held in Term 3 and designed for parents of Kindergarten students attending the school in 2016.

While parents attend workshops their children join a Kindergarten class.

Then, in Term 4, the children attend a second day where they’re involved in activities that help prepare them for school.

They’re also given a “Readiness Assessment” that looks at their numeracy, literacy and socialisation skills.

Raquel Correina, Teacher Librarian at the school, said apart from the workshops, parents shared a morning tea, prayed and simply got to know each other.

Children are given “goodie bags” with a school cap, school TShirt, a Library Bag and a set of coloured pencils.

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