Education Minister calls on parents to value their schools

The NSW Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli has told parents if they have a problem with their school, don’t bad mouth the school, go and see the Principal.

“If parents have problems with schools, teacher, principals, whatever, don’t bad mouth the school to your children, don’t undermine the school in front of your children,” said Mr Piccoli.

“If your children think you have an issue with the school, they’ll probably have an issue with it as well,” he said.

Speaking at the blessing and opening of the new school hall for Mount Saint Joseph Milperra, he said if children saw that parents value education, they would value education.

Dr Dan White, CEO Sydney Eexcutive Director, Adrian Piccoli, Principal Janine Kenney and Father Maurice Thompson at the opening of the hall

Dr Dan White CEO Executive Director, Education Minister Mr Adrian Piccoli, Mount Saint Joseph Principal Janine Kenney and Father Maurice Thompson

“If children see you have books and newspapers in the house, if they see – particularly for boys – if they see their fathers enjoying reading and value reading they are more likely to read themselves,”

Children may not do what you say, but they’ll definitely do what you do,” he added.

Dr Dan White, Executive Director of the Catholic Education Office Sydney said the new name of the hall “Arma Lucis” (“armour of light”), which was taken from the school motto “Induimini Arma Lucis” (put on the armour of light) meant that it was not enough to just put a light up, but to actually do something.

He said that challenge was about making a difference in the world.

Likening the name of the hall to a lighthouse, he said the challenge for each of the students, staff and parents was to make sure the light of the college never went out.

The building of the new hall was supported by a state government $2 million grant, a $4.4 million contribution by the CEO Sydney and fundraising by parents.

Principal Janine Kenney told the gathering that the school started in 1960 and had educated 50,000 girls since then.

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