Learning that fizzics is fun

Students arrived in their very choicest scientific gear to celebrate for St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School Kogarah inaugural Science Fun Day.

Students exhibited their investigations and projects in a Science Showcase for parents, teachers and classmates.Copy of science 3

Throughout the day there were also investigations and scientific tasks asking students to plan, predict, create, measure, test, record, reflect and evaluate experiments to help develop their scientific skills and knowledge.

The school also held a “Fizzics” Show called ‘Big Science Big Fun!’ that was designed to both entertain and teach the children about science in National Science Week.

Copy of Science 5“I liked the Fizzics Show when Ben showed us how planes can fly by using a toilet paper roll. It was funny!” said Mackenzie in Year 1.

Year 5’s Nicholas Pambris said he enjoyed looking at what people did for their experiments.

“The best bit was probably the Fizzics Show. It was very interesting,” he said.

Year 6 students focused on learning about digital footprints and how this can affected our lives by making us more trackable.

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