Video: Evan wins word mania


Evan Luc-Tran. Photo: Kitty Beale

Evan Luc-Tran used his impressive vocabulary to win Literacy Planet’s 2015 Word Mania competition.

The Year 2 student at Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Primary North Strathfield was among the competition’s 12 national finalists who spelled as many words as they could from a selection of letters in under three minutes at the final, held at Maquarie University on September 3.

Evan, 7, placed first in a pool of competitors in Years 1 to 6 from primary schools across Australia. His Year 1/2 classmates were there to cheer him on as he spelled words up to 15 letters long to achieve the winning score of 34,671 points.

“Usually the longer the words were, the more points they gave you,” Evan said.

“Some people’s longest word was really, really long. I managed to do a 15 letter word. It was ‘acknowledgement’.

“All these letters come up [on a screen] and you have to see those letters in words, and make words.”

Evan said he felt “a bit nervous” at the competition and when The Today Show hosts Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson interviewed him about it alongside Literacy Planet ambassador Georgie Gardner. Evan said he played scrabble against his computer, but despite the similarity between the game and Word Mania he didn’t expect to be so successful in the competition. “I felt really surprised, but number two had 33,000 points and I knew I had more than 34,000 points, so when they said that I knew I’d win,” he said.

View Evan’s Today Show interview here.

View Literacy Planet’s video with Evan below.







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