Student voice: Coding the future

Federal opposition leader Bill Shorten has called for coding to be made a mandatory part of the Australian National Curriculum in primary and high school years. We asked Year 10 Information and Software Technology (IST) students at Trinity Catholic College Auburn to reflect on the proposal.

Q: Do you think coding should be a mandatory part of the curriculum?

_CE11575Artin Hekmatshoar, 15:

“I think it should because it allows students to really gain an understanding of what they are using. “For example when we buy a game, we just play it and don’t really understand how it works.

Personally I think that with the things we are using and taking into our life we should know how they work and what they are made up of.

“It allows us to gain experience and explore a different world – the world of computers or coding. As I’ve researched, coding helps students to gain an understanding of problem solving abilities and helps them interact with others more and apply problem-solving skills to everyday situations.

_CE11578Jared Georges, 15:

“I think that it’s important that we think about what is behind the objects we can see in front of us. For example when we are using apps on our phones, we have everything set out with pictures and icons and buttons to use but we don’t really know what is behind it. I think it’s important that we can understand the language that they are using in computing so that we can help with the development of the technology in the future.”


_CE11582Natalie Simonovski, 15:

“I think it should be a part of the curriculum because computers are such a big part of our lives. You should be able to understand what is going on and how they actually are operating. We’re starting to make our own things and if you want a career in that it gives you better insight into what you are doing.”


_CE11588Simon Kashio, 15:

“I want to see it in the curriculum because it will teach kids how to make things. When they have ideas in their head the will know how to develop them into useful things people can use every day. They might come up with a new invention or a new app that could basically change the world. This is a great way for them to get their ideas and thoughts onto everyday items like phones and game consoles and PCs.”

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