Drawing board leads construction challenge


Timothy Jacobs receives his award from the Catholic Education Office Sydney Head of Vocational Education Christine Shakya.

With two grandfathers and a father who are carpenters, skill with timber is in Timothy Jacobs’ blood.

The Year 11 Construction student at Patrician Brothers’ College Fairfield placed first in the Catholic Inter-school WorldSkills Construction Challenge held at LaSalle Catholic College Bankstown’s Saint Yon Trade Training Centre on August 28. Participants were asked to construct a drawing board and T-square in under four hours.

Timothy said the challenge drew on wood work skills he learnt in Years 9, 10 and 11, such as accurately being able to drill square at 90 degrees, and measure, cut and join timber. He plans to turn these skills into a business when he graduates.

“I took a liking to it in Year 7 and Year 8 when we did woodwork,” Timothy said. “I’m thinking of opening my own business for custom furniture and fine furniture using solid wood, not manufactured wood. I’ve made a few pieces of furniture. The one I’ve liked the most was a display cabinet made for my Year 10 major project. It is a cabinet which is about 1.8 metres high and has skinny legs with a square cabinet on top with glass doors, frame and panelled doors and back and is inspired by James Krenov who is a wood worker.”

Timothy will now progress to the regional round of the WorldSkills construction competition in Term 4.  The challenges aim to boost the profile of trades and give participants a chance to benchmark their skills against others. They culminate in a national competition in 2016.




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