Data changes face of gifted learning

Clancy data wall

Face value: Teaching and learning coordinator Penina Barry and HSIE Newman teacher Laura Gant make use of the data wall. Photo: Kitty Beale

A ‘Data Wall’ at Clancy Catholic College West Hoxton has allowed teachers to guide gifted students to new heights. Teaching and Learning co-ordinator, Penina Barry, said the teachers had created profile sheets for each student enrolled in the Newman Selective Gifted Education Program during a professional development day earlier this year.

It was about using the data effectively to get the best teaching and learning practices out there for these students.

– Penina Barry

The profiles include a photo of the student, if they have English as an Additional Language or Dialect [EALD] or diverse needs, and colour-coded information on their performance in literacy, numeracy and other areas. Green signifies good results and that a student is on track, red is below standard and orange is borderline.

“It was about using the data we had effectively to get the best teaching and learning practices out there for these students who are potentially gifted and talented,” Ms Barry said.

“My biggest goal was to dispel the myth that Newman kids have to know everything, or are already good at everything. I wanted to be able to expose authentically where they were at with their learning. They have the capacity to learn at that high level but some in our Newman class and who we knew were gifted also had a lot of learning gaps.

“We needed to fill them to make sure they were reaching their potential.”

“Every time a teacher works explicitly with a student that they’ve identified has a great need they put a sticker on the wall. They know exactly where the kids are at, exactly what interventions to put in place, and they’re monitoring that learning growth. So many students have developed exponentially in that time. It’s just phenomenal.”

“A lot of these strategies you can use for every class, not just for Newman. This now has legs and the teachers are able to run with it.”

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