Cooking skills shine


A cut above: Kassandra Vincent precision cuts potatoes while in competition.

Kassandra Vincent has put her love of cooking and the Hospitality skills she has learnt this year to good use.

The Year 11 student at Casimir Catholic College Marrickville won the inner west region Catholic Inter-schools WorldSkills competition on August 28, after preparing four courses – a Caesar salad, chicken supreme, seasonal vegetables and poached pears with crème anglaise.

“When my name was announced I was really surprised and excited as well,” she said.

“It was my first time in the competition and even when I found out there were only nine students there including myself I was still quite nervous. All round I was still confident in myself that I had practiced enough.”

Despite a slip when coring her pears, Kassandra took out the title.

“One of them I accidentally cored too far but I didn’t let that delay me,” she said. “I saw they had cinnamon quills and thought just put them in there and make it look nice.

“It really came down to good time management because about half an hour after the first dish was up the second dish had to be ready. Timing was important. It also comes down to making sure you have all of your ingredients ready to go.”

Kassandra said her interest in cooking was sparked by her great aunt, who made excellent cannelloni.

“I have been quite passionate about cooking for quite a long time so I knew when Year 11 Hospitality came around I definitely wanted to do that subject,” she said.

“I love how much freedom you get in what you make because you can always alter it to make something better.”


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