Team Bethany outclass in dance competitions

Bethany College Hurstville dancers have had a string of huge successes.

They’ve been awarded 1st Place in the Sydney Catholic Colleges Championship as well as 1st overall, then a 2nd Place and Highly Commended in the City of Sydney Eisteddfod against 33 schools.

They competed against 18 schools to win first place in the SCCC with the 12 dancers performing hip-hop, choreographed by Karli Karagiannis and Serena Siow, both in Year 11.

They said their inspiration was The Royal Family (not the Buckingham Palace one, you can check them out on Google).


Team Bethany

Their achievements were even more rewarding because they were competing against schools that had their own professional choreographers. Team Bethany choreographs all its own work.

Dance Teacher Danielle Bennie said the Team Bethany girls were from Years 9-12 and performed a wide range of dances break-dancing, hop hop and jazz. Mrs Bennie is especially inspired by the choreographers.

“They’re shining these girls, they can take the leadership and all work together,” said Mrs Bennie.

Ashley Massif and Lyric Fidow in Year 10 choreographed 11 girls in the winning performance in the SCCC .

They have one competition to go this year, the Catholic Secondary Schoolgirls’ Sports Association where they’ll dance against 15 schools.

“They work so many hours and the girls achieve a lot – they don’t have lunches, they’re here weekends, school holidays, they have dance classes…” said Mrs Bennie.


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