Rev. Lewi returns to Trinity

lewi 2

Committed to faith: Reverend Lewi Barakat will join the priesthood on August 15.

None of Lewi Barakat’s teachers thought he would become a priest.

The Trinity Catholic College Auburn past student returned to deliver the Homily at a Year 11 retreat day Mass, just weeks from his ordination to the priesthood. The ceremony will be held at St Mary’s Cathedral on August 15.

Reverend Lewi spoke about his time at Trinity and his journey to the priesthood. He included a schoolmate who had died, in the Eucharistic prayer and impressed the students as humble.

Joelle Anjoul, 16, met Reverend Lewi the weekend before the Year 11 retreat at a mass at St Mary’s Cathedral.

“He was very approachable,” she said. “He told us that none of the teachers would have expected him to become ordained as a priest. My sisters attended school with him and knew him, so it was interesting to see how faith can change your life basically.”

Rachel Jose, 16, said Reverend Lewi was knowledgeable as a priest.

“He was really humble and his Homily was in-depth and relatable,” she said.

“It was about his experiences becoming a priest and, because it was part of our reflection day, being in touch with our faith. He spoke about how no one would have expected him to become a priest because he was a bit of a muck-up boy, but he was able to change his life and devote himself to God.

“We’re really grateful that an ex-student was able to come back and show us that there are different pathways. At school we always speak about academic pathways after school, but there are also careers that we can take on with a faith element and that’s nice to see.”



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