Pig the Pug (and his author) visit St Finbar’s

The audience was rapt. It was a reading of Pig the Pug – and all the students knew it off by heart!

Kindergarten to Year 2 students, and their teachers, at St Finbar’s Catholic Primary School Sans Souci sat engrossed in the hall for a reading and drawing workshop by celebrity author, Aaron Blabey.

“I decided to stop drawing in primary school because I noticed one of the boys in my class drew better than me. I didn’t draw again for 20 years, I wish I hadn’t stopped,” Aaron told the children.


Aaron Blabey with a toy version of Pig the Pug.

He’s now written and illustrated 24 children’s books and read several of his books including “Pig the Pug”, that’s been shortlisted as Book of the Year 2015 in the Early Childhood category by the Children’s Book Council of Australia.

Aaron showed the children how to draw characters and left his sketches behind so the children could look at them after in the Library.

He writes five books a year and has 14 new books in the pipeline.

The author read “Piranhas”, “I Need a Hug”, “Thelma the Unicorn” and “The Dreadful Fluff”.

Teachers said they had been waiting 12 months to get Aaron to come to the school.

He told the delighted students that two of his planned books in the “Pig” series are “Pig the Elf” and “Pig the Star”.

Book Week this year is from 22-28 August and the theme is “Books Light Up Our World”. The winner is announced on 21 August.

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