Tony shines on stage


Acting out: Tony Ray Ray is at home on stage. Photo: Kitty Beale.

Tony Ray Ray’s flair for the dramatic first surfaced before he started primary school.

“I was staying home with my mum and she saw that I had a talent,” he said.

“I would make little jokes and do little plays, and would come up with ideas and act them to her and it would make her laugh.”

The Year 6 student at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary Enfield has joined the Catholic Schools Performing Arts (CaSPA) Drama program, where his performance skills continue to grow.

Tony’s talent was recognised by teachers from the Sydney Catholic School’s performing arts initiative when he took the lead in the St Joseph’s 2014 production It takes 8. He played the main part of a schoolyard bully who sees the error of his ways in the musical, which focused on the school’s values of peace, respect, compassion, honesty, justice, empathy, tolerance and love.

“Heath gets to know the people he bullies and at the end of the play he’s changed and all fun and the people that he hurt he’s now friends with.”

Tony is now preparing for a CaSPA Drama showcase, where he will perform in The Legend of Orpheus.

He said he has enjoyed learning new skills including how to take directions and how to improvise.

“It’s really good,” Tony said.

“What I really enjoy is the quality of learning. They give you very, very good steps that you can do to project your voice and develop how you use the stage.”

Tony came to Australia in 2008 with his Sudanese family as a refugee via Egypt. He hopes to work as a professional actor in the future and further explore his favourite genre, comedy.

“I’d like to be doing acting in the future,” he said.

“I really enjoy CaSPA and I want to work and see if I can grow and fulfil my acting skills.”

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