Swimmer heads for Pacific


Toby Doyle, recovering from a broken arm after a fall from monkey bars, will represent NSW in backstroke at the Pacific Schools Games in November. Photo: Kitty Beale

Toby Doyle has propelled himself into a place at the Pacific School Games by placing third in the state in the 8 – 10 boys junior 50 metre backstroke event at the NSW Primary Schools Sports Association (NSWPSSA) Swimming Championships.

The Year 5 student at St Andrew’s Catholic Primary Malabar will travel to Adelaide to represent NSW at the national competition from November 20.

Toby trains four mornings a week from 6am and swims regularly at other carnivals.

“It’s good race practice,” he said. “I like swimming because I like the water.”

Toby completed his state race in 37.86 seconds, he said backstroke was his favourite stroke.

“I don’t really like diving because I’m worried that my goggles might fall off or something, and with backstroke starts you hop in the water and go off the stand on the starting block,” he said.

“I felt very excited and proud to be selected. My family were very happy. They’re looking forward to the holiday.”

Toby also plays Rugby League and Rugby Union. He joined St Andrew’s peers Will Punton, Zane Rugless, and Kade Maguire, in a junior boys 50 metre freestyle relay at the NSWPSSA event in March. The team placed fifth.

“We went really well and are happy that we tried our hardest,” Zane said.

Relay team St Andrews - cropped

St Andrew’s Catholic Primary Malabar 50 metre freestyle relay team members Toby Doyle, Kade Maguire, Zane Rugless and Will Punton on the podium.

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