Zara’s national first

Zara a(1)

On board: Zara Tullipan dives from heights of up to 7 metres. Photo: Kitty Beale

Zara Tullipan is reaching great heights in the sport of diving.

The Year 5 student at St Ambrose Catholic Primary Concord West, 10, won gold at the 2015 Australian Elite Junior Championships held July 8- 10 at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre. She was also named Diver of the Year by Diving Australia at the event.

Zara, 10, executed back, forward, inward, and other dives from heights of 1 metre and 4 metres during the national competition to place first in her age category at the event.

“It was very exciting,” she said.

“ You got to walk on and it was kind of like a mini Olympics and when they called your name out you stepped forward and waved, which felt really special.

“I train five days a week, so it’s very chaotic. It’s really worth it when you try really hard and then you get first place.

“It felt really good because I also got ‘Diver of the Year’ from the Australian Institute of Sport.”

Zara’s parents, friends and teachers are also proud.

“They think it’s pretty spectacular,” she said.

Zara is part of the AIS’ National Elite Pathway Program. She will compete next in the Pacific Schools Games, held in Adelaide from November 20.

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