Night of the Notables for the noteworthy

Liam Hewitt

Liam Hewitt presents Pierre de Coubertin. Photo: Kitty Beale.

It’s the night of nights and Newman students prepare for many months to teach their parents about who they think is the most significant person in history.

In the fourth year of the Newman program at St Christopher’s Catholic Primary School Panania, gifted and talented students have spent last term researching one significant person for “The Night of the Notables” in August.

Students will present a range of “notables” including Liam Hewitt in Year 6 whose character was the founder of the modern Olympic Games, Frenchman Pierre de Coubertin, born in 1863. Liam began his rehearsal presentation: “Bonjour, je m’appelle Pierre de Coubertin…”

They were expected to extend their research beyond Google.

St Christopher’s Newman coordinator, Lauren Magnus

Brothers Jack Tesoriero (Year 6) and Mike Tesoriero (Year 5) said they enjoyed reliving the stories and lives of the Wright Brothers for their joint research project.

All the students agreed the biggest challenges were the weekly deadlines and locating information because the students were expected to go Bankstown City Library and research journal articles and books.

“They were expected to extend their research beyond Google,” said the school’s Newman coordinator, Lauren Magnus.

“One of the good things about this program is that there were quite a few gifted underachievers, but they’ve run with this,” said Ms Magnus.

Jacinta Pham, Victoria Sakis, Madeleine Kirgan and Phoebe Lyris

Jacinta Pham, Victoria Sakis, Madeleine Kirgan and Phoebe Lyris. Photo: Kitty Beale.

Madeleine Kirgan (Year 3) will present Albert Einstein and Phoebe Lyris (Year 3) is doing Jane Austen. Georgia McCann chose Nancy Wake and Tess Bedson will inspire parents with Helen Keller.

Alex Alkhair (Year 4) will present Douglas Englebart, the man who invented the computer mouse.

“He’s part of history and I like history, I’ve been researching him for three months,” said  Alex.

On the same night, the Kindergarten to Year 2 Newman group will hold an evening on forensics utilising the skills of their parents – who include a high school Maths teacher and a policeman.

The school’s Newman program is also networked with the Newman coding group, which includes John the Baptist Primary School Bonnyrigg Heights, Our Lady of Fatima Caringbah and St Ambrose Concord West. The school also has a Newman Literary Circle for Years 1-6.

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