New “Peace Hub” welcomes newcomers

An idea that began from a Bridge Club for new parents has become the focal point for learning English and Australian Citizenship and supporting new students at a college.

At Mary MacKillop Catholic College Wakeley, a Peace Hub for language and inclusion has been built in the middle of the school for students and parents of students who are learning English and are preparing to become Australians. It’s become a place for new parents and their daughters to call their own.

Peace Hub launch

Mrs Maryanne Frost speaking at the launch

Built at a cost of just under $40,000 parents’ classes are held every Thursday and  Friday afternoon, offering child-care for the parents’ toddlers in a play area in the  hub. A cup of tea is also at the ready.

“It begins at Level One and it’s part of a journey to Australian citizenship,” said  Maryanne Frost, College Business Manager.

The classes for the 15 parents are organised by Vivian Mati, the Arabic Community  Liaison Officer at the school, who runs classes in English, Citizenship, Zumba and Healthy Lifestyle.

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the girls from the college can attend a new arrivals homework support class.

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