Travelling the world in their classroom

A group of students is teaching others how to travel the world safely in an exciting dimension of the Newman gifted and talented program.

Year 8 students at Good Samaritan Catholic College Hinchinbrook have created tourism websites for a wide range of countries and cities with a special focus on traveller security.

The five-week project is part of the Newman Program Secondary and Primary Program, the gifted and talented program of the Catholic Education Office, Sydney.

The Newman Program began in 2012 and Good Samaritan College was one of the first four schools to be part of the scheme.

Students have created and embedded videos and written and recorded radio ads and songs for their websites. Their work is assessed through peer review.

The students have been challenged further by having to learn how to create a website.

Geography teacher, Marissa Romolo

Part of the students’ preparation for researching travel security was watching an episode of “Border Security”.

Student Tiarn Gjorgjijoska said the focus on security was important information because it helped everyone and people could be prepared to respond appropriately. Her group included Laura Chadvan and Shavil Chandra.

Shavil Chandra, Laura Chadvan and Tiarn Gjorgjijoska

Year 8 Newman students: Shavil Chandra, Laura Chadvan and Tiarn Gjorgjijoska. Photo: Kitty Beale

“In the Paris attacks the people stood up to the terrorists,” said Tiarn, giving this as  an example of how information on the role of security makes travellers better  prepared.

“We understand how and why it effects us, but also helps and protects,” she said.

Katrina Bebawi said her group looked at the economic impact of tourism.

“Tours and numbers of travellers change and are impacted upon by terrorism,” said  Katrina.

She said the knowledge her and her team members, Montana Hannshere and Mitchell Keogh, had compiled on their website helped people to be aware when they’re overseas.

Their Geography teacher, Marissa Romolo, said the students had been challenged further by having to learn how to create a website.

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