Peer knowledge motivates gifted students

Domenic Santaguida, Jade Bareta, Jamie Arcuri, Merie Fabian and Emily Arndell 2

Year 10 Newman achievers: Jade Bareta, Domenic Santaguida, Jamie Arcuri, Merie Fabian and Emily Arndell. Photo: Kitty Beale

Motivation comes from knowing yourself but also knowing others.

That’s the word from the Year 10 Newman Group students at Good Samaritan Catholic College Hinchinbrook who said they’re keen to belong to the Newman program because they get to know each other’s abilities.

“We’re all at the same levels of learning – so I’m always challenged and there’s no limit. You always work hard,” said Emily Arndell.

“We’ve been in the same classes since Year 7 and we all know each other really well and their strengths,” added Jamie Arcuri.


They’re achieving to really high standard.

Principal, Jane Donovan

Students agreed that being in the same class means they’re all prepared to speak up, too.

Their yearly highlight in public speaking is a symposium Masterclass presented to their parents. Last year, they educated Mums, Dads and Carers on a healthy diet. The students attend and critique each other’s Masterclasses, too.

They’ve also held a Masterclass for parents on scripture and how it relates to everyday life.

“They’re achieving to really high standard,” said Principal Jane Donovan.

“It builds their self-belief and self-confidence and they have developed a real sense of reflectiveness on their own abilities,” she said.

Catherine Anderson, Leader of Learning in charge of Newman at Good Samaritan said the students also took part in the “Be an Author” program and four students were among the seven finalists.

“Newman shows you can have a discreet group of learners and very successfully have a program that extends them,” said Ms Anderson.

Since the inception of Newman four years ago, Good Samaritan has been one of the original Newman schools with classes reviewed every 6 months.

“It works. It works very successfully,” she said.

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