Zac embraces dual codes


On the ball: Zac McConnell will play both Rugby League and Union in state competitions. Photo: Kitty Beale

Zac McConnell’s football skills aren’t confined to one code.

The Year 6 student at St Andrew’s Catholic Primary Malabar has been selected to represent the state in the NSW Catholic Primary Schools Sports Council (NSWCPS) Rugby League Open team. He will also play his first match with the 12s/13s Mackillop team in the NSW Primary School Sports Association (NSWPSSA) Rugby Union competition on August 7.

Zac, 11, said he was excited to be selected to play for both codes. He’s clocked-up roughly 80 matches since being introduced to League seven years ago. His two older brothers also play.

The athletic all-rounder has also played Oztag at national level, received a gold medal at state level swimming in 2014, and is a runner.

Zac appreciates the difference between the codes, but isn’t afraid to play favourites.

“In League you have a tackle and you get up and break but the way Union is you tackle and you need to get up and keep on going,” he said.

“I prefer Union more because it’s fun and there’s more room when I get the ball. I have more room to run and score tries.”

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