Clancy’s e-leaders on Air


On air: Clancy e-leaders and Google conference participants Patrick Mori, Isabella Gagliano and Alexandria Debono. Photo: Kitty Beale

Three students from Clancy Catholic College West Hoxton have become the only voices in Australia included in the Google Education on Air Conference held in May.

The podcasts of Patrick Mori, in Year 8, and Isabella Gagliano and Alexandria Debono, both in Year 10, were recorded  within  hours of the submission deadline for the ‘Student Voice’ segment of the conference, which is viewed by people from 185 countries around the world. Their contributions are   now available to an even wider audience via YouTube.

The College’s e-learning coordinator Lauren Batty said the conference, opened by Michelle Obama, included interviews with teachers, students and presenters on the future of education and what the digital classroom will look like.

“The students were given a series of questions provided by Google relating to what they want to be when they grow up and what they do with technology at school, then they podcast and recorded their answers and we shared that with Google,” she said.

“It was hours and hours of conferencing that people had to register to get access for but since then it has all been uploaded to YouTube.  These students at Clancy are the only Australian voices included so that’s exciting.”

We want to explore a wide variety of programs that can help students in educational and personal use.

– Isabella Gagliano, 14

All three Clancy students involved said the most interesting question had been what they wanted to do when they were older.

“To have opinions on learning – you could see how that would help change how classrooms were run – but having a personal question in there made me not only think about it but feel like they actually wanted my opinion and are probably going to use this to help students,” said Isabella, 14.

It made me question my ambition to be an artist. “To be included in the conference was a bit of a welcome surprise because we entered it thinking we’d like to be involved but didn’t think we’d be featured.”

Patrick, 13, hopes to be a fireman or a political leader.

“That was a hard question to think about especially at a young age because there’s so much out there,” he said.

“I keep on changing my mind. I’d really like to save people. We were also asked what we would change in the future and about different types of technology.”

Alexandria, 15, said she enjoys Commerce so would probably pursue a career in business.

“Because technology is changing over time and there are so many more opportunities to go through with work,” she said.

“It’s pretty much every day that we use technology in the classroom because we’re connected with Google Drive and Gmail. We use it for everything we do.”

Clancy’s e-leader team includes 24 students from Years 7 to 11. They participate in digital projects and video competitions, assist teachers with slideshows and presentations, and teach younger students how to use different technologies and programs.

Next term, they will host the first student-led ‘Teach Meet’, a video conference with teachers from Sydney’s Catholic schools centred on the different apps available for learning.

“We want to explore a wide variety of programs that can help students in educational and personal use so we’re specialising in different apps and programs” said Isabella.

“We’re also exploring an application called Speakit! and presentation tools such as emaze, Nearpod, and Kahoot.”


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