Domremy students in Broadway favourite

Guys and Dolls PHOTO

Domremy’s 2015 musical cast members Julia Di Bartolo, Maddison Geraghty, Vanessa Parisi, and Erin White take the stage.

Aspiring actors and musicians at Domremy College Five Dock have performed popular Broadway musical fable, Guys and Dolls.

The performances on June 24 and 25 followed seven months of rehearsals. The musical is based on a series of short stories written by Damon Runyon in the 1920s and 1930s, which follow New York gangsters, gamblers and underworld figures.

A rendition of “Marry the Man today” by musical leads, Erin White, as the genteel and straight-laced Sister Sarah Brown and Julia Di Bartolo, as the permissive and indulgent Miss Adelaide, was a highlight of the performance.

Both were supported by Vanessa Parisi, in the role of smooth gambling master Sky Masterton (Luck be a Lady), and Maddison Geraghty as the always conniving but loveable Nathan Detroit (Sue Me).

The song Sit down, you’re rocking the boat performed by Sarah Takau cast as Nicely-Nicely Johnson, supported by Rachel Bendeich playing Benny Southwest and a brilliant chorus cast, brought thunderous applause from the full house, as did the singing throughout the whole performance.

“The ability of the leads to stay in character, maintain at times challenging pronunciations and vocal delivery while belting out such tunes has to be commended,” said media officer Nadia Heddle.

“This wonderful production owes all to the very talented students who put heart and soul into each performance, the gifted musicians who performed the wonderful score, to Ms Mathers who adapted the musical expertly for the College stage, Ms O’Mahony who kept the choreography engaging throughout, and Ms Zappulla who brought the music to life.

“Actors, dancers, musicians, stage hands and the wonderful support from teachers given to their students complemented each other exquisitely and this came through in the production and in the very confidence of all its performers.

“Behind the scenes, stage hands helped to ensure a smooth transition between acts, and it was clear that everyone involved was vested in the tasks they performed to ensure a seamless performance.”

Principal Vivienne Awad was responsible for make-up for the production. She said she was proud of the students’ efforts.

“For all involved this has been an enormous task, but one which was handled expertly by our wonderful teachers and students,” she said.

“It is uplifting to see the talent and joy in our young women and incredibly important to be able to channel that by way of such productions. All our girls were supportive of one another and were provided continuous support and encouragement by our teaching staff from the first days of rehearsal right through to the end.”

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