Family Educators vision the future

The vision to have one Family Educator in each parish Primary school in the Archdiocese of Sydney was in reach, said Dan White, Executive Director of the Catholic Education Office.

Dr White asked the 70 Family Educators at their two day “Visioning the Voice” Conference at Australian Catholic University Strathfield to reconnect to the vision of their role and extend it a little further.

The program has experienced dramatic growth after Dr White launched it in 2010 with six Family Educators.

Family Educators' ConferenceUsing the metaphor of the lodestone, the magnetic stone used by the Vikings to  navigate, he said the secret of the stone was that it helped them find their way home.

He likened the keepers of the stone and the keepers of the story on each Viking ship to the Family Educator.

“When we started the Family Educator role there was a sense that this was a role that  could be the glue of the community,” said Dr White.

Read more about the role of Family Educators in our feature.

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