Capital funding boost for Catholic schools


The State Government’s plan to increase capital funding to non-government schools over the next four years will ease pressure on parents, the Catholic Education Commission NSW has said.

The organisation’s acting chairman Peter Turner said the additional funding, announced by Education Minister Adrian Piccoli on June 19, would help build new classrooms to meet a forecast 23 per cent growth in enrolments across all school sectors in NSW by 2031.

He said an increase was necessary because current NSW Government capital grants to Catholic schools were virtually cancelled out by infrastructure charges imposed by local councils and state-owned utilities on new school building works.

“From 2012 to 2014, Catholic schools received $21.9 million in capital grants from the NSW Government but were forced to pay $21.3 million in infrastructure charges – charges not levied on government schools.

“The announcement by NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli will help ease the pressure on parents, who have funded the bulk of Catholic school construction for generations of students.”

Mr Turner said parents currently provided two-thirds of the capital funding needed in NSW Catholic schools with the remainder coming from the Australian Government (27 per cent) and the NSW Government (7.6 per cent).

The 588 Catholic schools in NSW will compete for some $15 million in capital funding each year from the NSW Government, doubling the current funding level.

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