McAuley’s focus on environment grows


Green thumbs up: McAuley Environmental Team members with some of the plants they care for.

McAuley Catholic Primary Rose Bay celebrated its sixth year of rubbish-free lunches in April. McAuley’s student environment team raffled garden gloves, vegetable seedlings and other prizes for the more than 80 per cent of students who have helped to reduce the amount of plastic and foil that enters landfill by bringing a “rubbish free” lunch to school three days a week.

Students will also take part in World Environment Day in June, National Tree Day in July, Keep Australia Beautiful Week in August and National Recycling Week in November. They regularly water the school gardens, grow tomatoes, maintain a compost worm farm, use less paper and have make watering cans from recycled material. “It’s wonderful to watch them grow into good stewards for the environment,” said Principal Geraldine Guilhaus.

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