Champion sailor inspires girls


Smooth sailing: Marist Sisters’ Woolwich co-captains Daniella Foley and Antonia Minutolo meet Adrienne Cahalan.

Marist Sisters’ College Woolwich graduate and champion sailor Adrienne Cahalan returned to the school to speak about her time in the male-dominated sport.

She has practised maritime law in the NSW Supreme Court and High Court of Australia, circumnavigated the globe three times and competed in 23 Sydney to Hobart yacht races.

“Men have no problem telling us what they’re great at but women will often tell us what they can’t do,” she told students.

“My advice is to be positive. If something is not right, you have to stand up.” College co-captain Daniella Foley appreciated Ms Cahalan’s experience, and reminder that small gestures make a difference.

“Adrienne told us she always remembered one time she had been at sea for 40 days when she received a message from former Principal Sister Fidelis offering her encouragement,” she said.

“It’s sometimes the little things we do that go a long way.”

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