Student voice: Environment

The current crop of Mater Dei Catholic Primary Blakehurst United Green Society (BUGS) members are friends to the environment in many ways. The group includes two students from each class in Kindergarten to Year 6 who come up with initiatives and complete daily tasks that help recycle waste correctly and conserve energy.

Here some members share: What is your favourite thing to do that is helpful to the environment?

_CE10638James Cunneen, Year 6, Environment Captain:
“One of the things I love doing is watering the gardens and I like doing compost. It’s a smelly job but it’s good because it teaches me how for if I want to have my own garden when I’m older. Each kid in each class gets a bucket and when they have fruit peels, no citrus, they put them in the bucket and they bring it to the office steps. Then we take it to the big bucket [near the garden] and let it decompose. I’m glad I have the responsibilities I have.”

_CE10572Sienna De Marcellis, Year 6, Environment Captain:

“It’s fun helping the environment and making compost. I do that five days a week. When it’s finished decomposing I think we’ll lay it onto the tubs where the garden is planted. I like helping the environment and making sure that everything is done.”

_CE10677Zachary Bazouni, Year 3, Heating Electrical and Recycling Officer (HERO):

“I like turning off all the electricity so we don’t waste all of the electricity in our environment, and also taking out the compost. After we have free time I go and check that all of the computers are turned off and at the end of the day, and at recess and lunch, we turn off the lights when we got out.”

_CE10587Gia Kandylas, Year 2, BUGS member:

“I like to do the compost and the bins because if I don’t take the compost flies will be in the classroom and if the bin was too full there would be rubbish everywhere. In the garden I dig holes and plant seeds – broccoli and rosemary.”

_CE10619Sophia Bucci, Year 2, BUGS member:

“I like taking out the compost bucket and then taking it back to class. I get to run around and feel the breeze and it’s helping the environment. We also take out the rubbish bin and I wash the compost bucket.”

There are 3 comments

  1. Antoinette Bucci

    I am very proud of our BUGS at Mater Dei Primary School Blakehurst. Their concern for the environment and their consideration for water and electricity conservation has made us, as a family, more aware of what we should be doing in our own home.


  2. Jane Shepherd

    I am really proud of the students at Mater Dei who have taken on these roles. James will often come home and give me some very interesting statistics about our environment and how every little bit helps towards keeping our planet clean! Well done kids!!!


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