Innovating gifted learning

Amy Vu Year 6, John Raftery Bethany teacher and Ryan Tran Year 6St Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School Hurstville has looked beyond the school for inspiration to support its talented Maths students.

Each fortnight a keen group of ten Year 5 and Year 6 students are mentored by nearby Bethany College Senior Mathematics teacher, John Raftery.

“I can teach them Maths that the average Year 9 student would struggle with,” said Mr Raftery.

“I have the Maths skills to stretch them and I’m learning they love working with tricky numbers,” he said.

Maths time with Mr Raftery focuses on solving puzzles and numerical problems. They all sit at a round table and hold animated discussions about solutions.

“They have to be working at least two years above their grade level to be in this group,” said Mr Raftery, who teaches at Bethany from Year 7 up to Extension 2 HSC Maths.

Mr Raftery and his gifted Maths group

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