Schools imagine the future

CSW St Marys Concord (L_R) Kayla Velkovski yr 6, Kiara Velkonski yr 3, Siena Rizzo Yr 5 and Alyssa Rizzo yr 3

St Mary’s Concord Catholic Schools Week video makers Kayla Velkovski, Kiara Velkonski, Siena Rizzo, and Alyssa Rizzo. Photo: Kitty Beale

St Patrick’s College Sutherland has won first prize in the 2015 Catholic Schools Week NSW/ACT Video Competition secondary school section.

This year’s theme was “What will your Catholic school of tomorrow look like?”

The judges said the video made by Year 11 students Matthew Bunin and Isabella Orlic had a very professional look and feel.

“The message is clear and their entry demonstrated a level of mastery over the available technology used to support that message,” they said.

Catholic schools from NSW and the ACT entered 134 videos in the contest this year.

Winning two runners up awards, St Mary’s Catholic Primary School Concord won accolades in the primary group and primary individual sections.

Sienna Rizzo, Kayla Velkovski, Alyssa Rizzo and Kiara Velkovski presented the school’s group video, while Year 2 student, Luke Ellison, was the individual runner up in the contest.

The judges said they were very impressed by the range of available technologies used and that students were well supported and encouraged by their parents and school community.

St Declan’s Catholic Primary School Penshurst was another runner up in the Primary Group section with a presentation from Gemma Kannan, Jessica Moody, Brooke Luban, Diana Lesko, Allira Giess, Clara Medanic and Mikayla Van Schellebeck called “St Declan’s Catholic School in the Future”.

The judging panel said it was highly impressed with the outstanding quality of the entries, particularly in terms of the technical execution and creative vision displayed.

And, St Felix Catholic Primary School Bankstown was runner up for its group video called “Educating for Today and Tomorrow”.

Presented by the some of the school’s ICT Club members: Andrew Bechara, Hollie Pengilley, Angelina Bechara, Billy Francis, Daniel Bechara, Patrick Tran and Sophia Efend, they were supported by their teacher, Ms. Ashley Azzopardi.

The judges said based on a strongly recurring theme throughout the videos they could see that students were optimistic and confident about a bright and positive future for Catholic schools.

The judging criteria were based on the impact of message, creativity and originality, the quality of the video and the effective use of available technology to enhance the message.

View the videos:

St Patrick’s group:

St Declan’s group:

St Mary’s group:

St Mary’s individual:

St Felix’ group:

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