Inspiring the gifted through creative arts

St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School Bonnyrigg Heights is embracing the arts with its gifted students through music, dance, acting, singing and painting.

“JB Arts Group” is part of the Newman Stream Research and Development Project, an initiative of the Catholic Education Office, where programs are developed for gifted students in various Sydney Archdiocese Schools.

St John the Baptist Creative Arts Coordinator, Rebecca Elfar, said a panel of teachers auditioned children in Years 3 to 6 for the each of the arts groups.

The program’s been running for three years.

The Girls Dance Group has been so successful that it won “Sydney Stars on Show” late last year.

Students work in their groups with their teacher-mentor once a week and at the end of each year there’s a big “Arts Showcase” for parents where the groups perform or exhibit on the night.

“It’s been fantastic, we want to make sure the kids are well rounded and excelling in what they’re passionate about,” said the school’s Dance Teacher and ESL Teacher Gioconda Ward.

Other groups within “JB Arts Group” include a Drumbeat Group, a junior and senior choir and a band – all directed by the school’s specialist music teacher.

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