Students get a taste of drama

DSCN1141 copy A matinee performance of All Saints Catholic Senior College’s 2015 school production The Government Inspector has given some of the College’s future students a taste of drama.

Year 10 students from All Saints Catholic Girls’ College and All Saints Catholic Boys’ College, co-located in Liverpool, attended the performance at the school’s senior campus in Casula on June 3.

The comedy of errors, about a man in debt who arrives in the small outback Australian town of ‘Bogadrilla’ in the 70’s and is mistaken for a government official from Sydney, was was performed by Year 11 and 12 students. Others took part in lighting, sound and set design aspects of the production, with the audience invited to ask questions of the cast at the end of the performance.

Many of the cast referred to the fun they had had with their “drama family” in rehearsing and staging the play. Some said that the elective had boosted their confidence and given them more effective communication and presentation skills.

Year 12 student Glyn Meggarity, who played the  town mayor, said drama was one of the best electives to do.

“It’s not as structured and you’re always moving, always doing something,” he said.DSCN1147

“If you enjoy performing it’s a really fun thing to do.”

The school’s Creative and Performing Arts Coordinator Robert Feggans, said the advice ‘do what you enjoy and you will do well’ had paid off for some of the College’s graduates, with two of the school’s duxes in the past three years having done drama as an elective.

Drama teacher Emma Wilkins agreed.

“Drama is not a ‘soft’ subject, it’s actually quite disciplined,” she said.


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