Student’s Anzac travels

matthewDe La Salle College Revesby Heights Year 11 student Matthew Masetto visited Gallipoli after his artwork for Bankstown City Council Competition “What does Anzac mean to me?”, won him a place on the tour in October last year.

“The trip was unforgettable,” he said.

“I traversed thousands of mosques and picturesque towns, and devoured mountains of bread, meats and baklava – meals suitable for a Sultan.

Matthew said Gallipoli was a prominent part of the trip. He said he hoped the Anzac’s spirit of courage, mateship and willingness to sacrifice would live on and inspire.

“After standing at the site of where our Anzacs fought, I could visualise the struggles that they had to overcome, and it was clear that there were casualties when I visited the thousands of gravesites,” he said.

“When I would read of the number of casualties at Gallipoli in Year 10, I never truly appreciated just how great that number was but after this Anzac experience I realised their sacrifice was monumental. That brought an end to my Turkish adventure, an experience that will forever be cherished.”

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