Talk: Raising thankful kids

Danni1Author and educator Danielle Miller will present a talk based on her latest book Gratitude – A Positive New Approach to Raising Thankful Kids at St Brigid’s Catholic Primary Marrickville on Wednesday June 3, at 7pm.

The presentation will focus on the health and wellbeing benefits of gratitude,  and ways for parents and children to make gratitude and appreciation a part of their everyday life.

St Brigid’s family educator Meredith Lemos, said the talk is part of the school and parish initiative, Be the One: The Gratitude Project, based on the Gospel Story of the Ten Lepers, with a focus on the one leper who return to thank Jesus when he was healed.

“Initiatives and activities based on research showing the benefits of increasing one’s attitude of gratitude are implemented in the classroom and at home,” she said.

Mrs Lemos said the talk would refer to the effects of advertisers targeting children at a younger age leading to the loss of gratefulness, and suggest strategies to bring it back.

Guest speaker Danielle is co-founder of Enlighten Education, a provider of workshops for teen girls on body image, self-esteem and empowerment.

Entry  to the talk is free. All parents welcome.

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