St Charles’ students serve and reflect

St Charles’ Primary School Waverly re-enacted the last supper on Wednesday, with students in year 6 playing the part of Jesus and his assistants.

They served bread, and apple and blackcurrant juice in lieu of wine, to parents and students from every class.

The school also staged their re-enactment of Christ’s Passion over multiple days. At the beginning of the supper scenes, students were asked to pretend they were one of Jesus’ friends going to a special dinner.

Yera 6 student Ava Farrugia, helped pour juice and share bread with parents at a Kindergarten class.

“I thought it was a really fun way to show everybody what happened at The Last Supper and to get the children to know the difficulties Jesus faced ,” she said.

“I’m more of an active, dance and singing sort of person, so I like to learn in this sort of way.”

Georgia Doyle and May McRobbie were among the students who played the part of Jesus.

It was a fun way to learn a bit more about religion and educational,” said May.

“It made me feel special to be chosen as a ‘Jesus’,” Georgia said.

“I loved how we got to share the experience.”

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