Mater Dei Primary’s timely re-enactment

holy-week-mater-dei-primarys-timely-re-enactment-21Mater Dei Catholic Primary Blakehurst gave the events of the first Easter a timely feel by staging their re-enactment over several days.

It began on Monday with a performance of Jesus’ Palm Sunday arrival in Jerusalem, and continued on Tuesday with The Last Supper and arrest of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. Wednesday saw the students enact the Stations of the Cross.

The resurrection will be performed on the first Monday of Term Two, after the students return from their April school holidays.

“We’ve always sequenced the events of Holy Week so that the children understand the passing of time,” said the school’s Religious Education Co-ordinator Janet Suchy.

“It is a tradition unique to this school and there is a real sense of how sacred this time is.”

Year 6 student Taylor Di Fabio plays the part of a disciple in the re-enactment.

“I mainly looked at the disciples’ role but we also had to think of it from Jesus’ perspective,” she said.

“You get to know what he has gone through and done for people, like healing the sick in the temple.

“My favourite part of the story would probably be the Garden of Gethsemane because we all get to interact. It was pretty fun.”

Students from different grades perform a liturgical movement at each section of the re-enactment.

Principal Peter Cranney said all involved in the re-enactment including the narrators, who had to remember large blocks of dialogue, had done a wonderful job.

“This show how powerful it is when the students perform the story rather than have it read to them by an adult,” he said.

It seemed to get everyone’s attention and made the whole event exciting and reverent. “The narrators had a lot to learn and you couldn’t fault them. Everyone did a fantastic job.”

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