St Brigid’s students nurture gardens and values

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It was decided that St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School needed an edible garden, so one of the school’s mothers decided to do a TAFE course so she could build it.

Mrs Lina Maroun (mother of Youssef and Stephanie) has created an edible garden with raised beds of basil, mint, and strawberries, framed with a lemon, apple and mulberry tree. Its focal point is tiered seating around an established tree.

Principal Lyn Sandford says it’s now also a space for Religious Education classes. It’s become an important statement of how the school values nurturing in the lead up to Catholic Schools Week.

Parental involvement has been big in another key theme for the special week with the unveiling of a series of mosaics that state its values.

The parents worked on folding tables in the school car park to make the mosaics over two terms.

Supported by the dedicated teaching staff: “Peace”, “Respect”, “Justice”, Hospitality”, “Compassion”, “Love” and “Stewardship” now hang on a wall facing the playground.

Guided by mosaic artist, Christine Graham, they embody the Brigidine values, the order of sisters that established the school.

The design of the mosaics was coordinated by the school’s Family Educator, Paige Bullen, whose husband Tones Bullen designed the images.

“None of us knew the art of mosaics before this – now I have a real respect for it,” says Mrs Bullen.

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