New houses rule at Galilee Catholic Primary

Galilee Year 6 house prefects Joshua Portada (red), Erin Farrelly (gold) and Sophie Welman (blue). Photo by Kitty Beale

Galilee Year 6 house prefects Joshua Portada (red), Erin Farrelly (gold) and Sophie Welman (blue). Photo by Kitty Beale

A new house system at Galilee Catholic Primary Bondi is building valuable leadership opportunities for students and school spirit.

The three houses are named Mackillop, O’Sullivan, and Mercy for the school’s founding religious orders and personalities. The system was suggested by a year 5 pupil in her speech for school captaincy last year and is led by Year 6 house prefects Joshua Portada (Mercy, with the house colour red and value of generosity), Erin Farrelly (O’Sullivan, with the house colour gold and value of hope), and Sophie Welman (Mackillop, with the house colour blue and value of courage).

The houses were launched on Tuesday with a ‘house warming’ of cheers, activities to get younger and older pupils to learn more about each other, and a picnic on the school lawn.

The house prefects will be responsible for planning and implementing sporting and other activities throughout the year.

Principal Frances Leahy said senior students were consulted to get a feel for what they thought of the idea and they embraced it, as the school’s teachers did too.

“We wanted to look for more opportunities to build the leadership capacity of students, also to get them familiar with the tradition of Galilee,” she said.

“There was also a strong pastoral care element. Currently the Kindergarten and Year 6 students are ‘buddies’, but what about the others? Everyone at Galilee knows each other’s names, but when we have a couple of activities a term they’ll get to really know each other well.”

O’Sullivan prefect Erin said the role had made her more responsible and more important to the life of the school. “We’ll help the teams to be more athletic and energetic and build the school spirit,” she said.

Mackillop prefect Sophie was also enjoying the role. “It feels incredible because you get to lead something but not on your own. It’s fun because you get to help people and talk to them. We’ll be doing a lot of sport and fundraisers and games,” she said.

Mercy prefect Joshua said the three would learn more about their house’s namesake between the other activities. “Every second week we come together and discuss what to do,” he said.

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