Clancy students serve goodwill with Brekky Van


Clancy Catholic College students served a barbecue breakfast to more than 100 people this term through the St Vincent De Paul Society’s Brekky Van program.

The school’s growing volunteer base make six visits a year to support the initiative which provides conversation and a warm meal to Sydney’s homeless.

A group of more than 20 student volunteers used their recess and lunch break on the Friday before the breakfast on February 22 to create packs of donated essentials such as toothbrushes and other toiletries to hand out with the breakfast. A game of post-breakfast soccer is also a highlight of the visits for students.

The school’s youth ministry co-ordinator Marc Ghignone said the opportunity to take part in the program was offered mostly to year 12 students and there was no shortage of help.

“Because we bring donations and different things to the visit we get our house leaders to engage the younger students in supporting the cause as well,” he said.

“I feel that it’s the best way to engage the students in their faith as they are being the hands of Christ and the hands-on things are what they take a great deal from.

“They see that a little done by many can make a big difference.

“The Brekky Van organiser said that the packs were the best she had seen.”

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