St Charles student wins international art prize

Imagine if your art teacher asked you to take out your paints and create a picture based on Art and Sport reflecting Olympic ideals.

Then, the next thing you knew, your artwork was awarded a national prize and sent off to an international competition to promote world peace.

Well, that’s just what happened last year to Adelina Rupola who’s in Year 6 at St Charles Catholic Primary School Waverley after she was short-listed from a class set of 42 paintings.

Her artwork in oil crayons and inks on A2 paper has just been awarded the 5th Arts Olympiad winner to represent Australia at the International Child Art Foundation Art Award and she, her parents and teacher are heading to Washington in July for the 5th World Children’s Festival.

Adeline says her painting is based on Australian skiers and their true Aussie passion for skiing.

It all started when Year 6 Visual Arts Teacher, Jane Elliot, simply asked her students to collect some images of Winter Olympic sportspeople in action and bring them along to their art class.

Ms Elliot said the students did some figure drawings of these pictures and they then had to produce a poster based on an Olympic sport.

“I was inspired by the 2014 Winter Olympics and the passion that all Olympic competitors share,” said Adelina.

Ms Elliot said she did not tell her students they were painting for a competition.

“I did not tell the class their works were for the ICAF Award based on the theme Creativity, Diversity, and Unity until after they were done,” said Ms Elliott.

“This was deliberate so the students didn’t get anxious about the prize or the award, and just made a considered response to the visual problem presented,” said Mrs Elliott.

She selected 15 paintings to hang anonymously in the school foyer for younger pupils and staff to judge as “the people’s choice”.

Adelina’s work was voted the one to send to Washington D.C. for the competition.

“This is an outstanding achievement by a dedicated art student,” said Mrs Cameron.

Adelina, now a student at Loreto Kirribilli, will go to the awards banquet on 3 July.

The international competition describes itself as the “Olympics” of children’s imagination to promote children’s creative and empathic as a building block for universal prosperity and peace.

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