Sacred Heart Mosman “guilty” of being Catholic

When Catholic schools were challenged to show how they’re “guilty” of being a Catholic school, teachers at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School Mosman decided to prove it in Catholic Schools Week 2015.

Left-right: Gwen Whyte and Megan Hartley

Left-right: Gwen Whyte and Megan Hartley

In 2014, Catholic Education Office (CEO) Executive Director, Dr Dan White, asked Catholic teachers to consider that if he walked into their school, how would he know it was Catholic – how are they “guilty” of being Catholic?

Two Sacred Heart Mosman teachers, Gwen Whyte who teaches Year 6 and Kindergarten Teacher Megan Hartley decided the best way to show their school was Catholic was to make it “writ large” with a series of canvases that illustrate how their school meets the Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools.

Their canvases show how their school lives each of the eleven aspects of the charter starting with the first to “give witness” and ending with the last: “evangelising”.

Mrs Whyte and Mrs Hartley were given time away from their classes to plan a three-part approach.

The first was to design a large vertical banner that could be used at school masses and functions; the second was 11 canvases for the entrance to the school’s main building.

The third was an A4 booklet for each class containing copies of the canvases. Each classroom prayer table will hold a booklet.

Mrs Whyte said the first step in planning their Catholic Schools Week project based on the theme of “Educating for Today and Tomorrow” was asking themselves how they “tick the box” for each aspect of the charter.

“It’s important to see how we’re “guilty” of being a Catholic school,” added Mrs Whyte.

Mrs Hartley said each of the canvas designs focus on images so that parents can see the types of experiences their children will have at the school.

“The banners make you feel warm and proud and you realise that we do a lot, it also allows us to take stock,” said Mrs Hartley.

The canvases are being blessed and hung in the school at a whole school Mass during Catholic Schools Week.

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